22 August 2014 Friday
7:34 PM

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Current Conditions : Mostly Cloudy - Cleveland, NY (Friday, August 22 6:54PM local time)

Current Conditions
Mostly Cloudy
70°F, Humidity: 84%, Wind: 10 mph E.
Observed at Syracuse, Syracuse Hancock International Airport as of 6:54 PM local time

Forecast : Friday, August 22 - Cleveland, NY

Friday, August 22: T-stormsT-storms Hi 77°F Lo 61°F Precip 40%

Saturday, August 23: Scattered ThunderstormsScattered Thunderstorms Hi 78°F Lo 58°F Precip 20%

Sunday, August 24: Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy Hi 80°F Lo 60°F Precip 0%

Monday, August 25: Mostly SunnyMostly Sunny Hi 80°F Lo 60°F Precip 0%

Tuesday, August 26: Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy Hi 83°F Lo 63°F Precip 0%

Wednesday, August 27: Scattered ThunderstormsScattered Thunderstorms Hi 82°F Lo 63°F Precip 20%

Thursday, August 28: T-stormsT-storms Hi 77°F Lo 58°F Precip 40%

Friday, August 29: CloudyCloudy Hi 74°F Lo 55°F Precip 0%

Saturday, August 30: CloudyCloudy Hi 78°F Lo 61°F Precip 0%

Sunday, August 31: Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy Hi 79°F Lo 57°F Precip 0%

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